Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Briefing on the slope maintenance for Desa Putra Condo

There were about 20+ residents turn up for the briefing on 18th January, 2010 organised by Management with the co-operation of developer. The briefing was done by the Geotechnique Engineer from original earthwork contractor, Mr. Tan Chin Shu. He give an in-depth knowledge on how the retaining wall was build as well as the foundation. They have adopted the safety guidelines of Hong Kong, which currently Malaysian government/JKR also adopted 90% of their guidelines.
Ir. Leon Weng Seng, the consultant engineer for Desa Putra Project was also presented during the briefing to give more technical aspects of the construction of Desa Putra Condo.
All slope construction require maintenance in order the safety of residents are not compromised in any circumstances. Mr. Tan also brought a book written by Ir Shaik Abdu Wahed titled "Slopes Made Simple", and I immediately grab one at RM50. The book is very informative.
Here are some tips picked up from the book on "signs of landslide danger":-
1. Drainage - Channels, streams, gullies, ponds and erosion on slope indicate potential slope problems. Sudden flow of water from slop with or without washed fine soil particles in the form of muddy yellow water.
2. Debris - Objects such as mud, rocks, fragments of concrete/brick and uprooted vegetation falling from the slopes and retaining walls. Deposition of soils and vegetation at the base of slopes show erosion, flow and creep from above indicating unstable conditions above.
3. Vegetation - vegetative charactistics indicate slope conditions. High slopes may show erosion and sliding. Trees which bend downhill show creep of upper soils. Trees tilting uphill may show deep rotational landsliding. Patches of younger vegetation may show former slope failure. Such signs should be watched for increasing ground movements.
there a lots more.....


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