Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wangsa Maju Crime Rate Worrisome

This happen on the other side of the hill, Wangsa Maju Section 2

Wangsa Maju seems to be a hotspot for violent attacks where victims end up dying, with the third such incident in recent months.

Coming on the heels of attacks against two college students — one stabbed near the Wangsa Maju LRT station and the other attacked by a mob of 17 — the latest victim is sales promoter Ryan Ng Wuy Loon, 26, who was stabbed to death about 9.30pm on Friday.

Ng, from Ipoh, was believed to be walking towards a restaurant when he was approached by two men on a motorcycle.

The killers were believed to have then pointed a knife at him and demanded his wallet and mobile phone.

Ng tried to escape and they attacked him, stabbing him on the left side of his body. They rode off, as Ng fell down, bleeding.

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