Sunday, December 9, 2007



Cleaning Schedule
a. Cleaning service & garbage collection to include Sundays and Public Holidays
b. Monday to Saturday : 8am to 4pm (8 Cleaners + 1 Supervisor)
: 4pm to 7pm (3 Cleaners)
Sunday & Public Holidays : 8am to 1pm (5 Cleaners + 1 Supervisor)
Timeline: Immediate

Garbage Bins
Garbage bins to be lined with Plastic Bin Liners
Timeline: Immediate

Litter Bins For Common Areas
Litter bins at :
- Lift area of every floor (from P4 to P1) per block (23 x 30) 69 ) Total
- BBQ, swimming pool, basketball court & play areas 6 ) 75
Timeline: Immediate

Floor Mats For Common Areas
- Ground floor main entrance of each block (3 nos x 2) 6 ) Total
- The entrance to Lift area at P1 to P4 (4 nos x 2) 8 ) 20
- The entrance at from Swimming to units (3 nos x 3 ) 6 )
Timeline: ASAP

Pest Control
Monthly pest control – Fogging & spraying once a month
Timeline: Immediate

- To install NON-SMOKING sinage (the present one is too small) in the lifts
- To request for Contractor of Lifts to re-service and clean the lifts (remove the rust and stain marks)
- To chcck and service the ventilation fans

- To fill up empty plant troughs with plants
- Daily trimming and watering
- To save present plants that looks unhealthy
- To remove dead plants and replant with new ones
Timeline: Immediate

Tiles at Common Areas
To replace tiles at the following areas :
- Within Swimming pool/BBQ area to entrances of Blocks A, B & C
- Lobby areas of Blocks A, B & C
Timeline: ASAP

Tiles at Corridors
To grind & polish the tiles at corridors of every floor in Blocks A, B & C
Timeline: ASAP

To repaint the walls along the corridors of each floor at Blocks A, B & C (Ground to Level 19) and outdoor
Common areas. Paintwork for outdoor areas should be weather-shield proof
Timeline: ASAP

The Management must ensure that House rules and regulations are respected and practiced by all residents.

- Encik Lokman, the assigned person-in-charge of Desa Putra should conduct daily checks to ensure that security and cleanliness levels are carried out smoothly and efficiently and that house rules and regulations are practiced.
Timeline: Immediate

- The Management should send reminder or warning notes to residents who do not adhere to the house rules and regulations. If the resident/s choose to ignore the reminders/warning notes, then the Management should impose penalties to the resident/s concerned.
Timeline: Immediate

- Apart from security measures, all security guards on duty must also be briefed on the guidelines of house rules and should have the authority to carry out the following measures during their patrolling rounds.
Timeline: Immediate

- To order a person out of the swimming/wading pools if not in proper swimming attire
- To stop or dismiss any persons causing trouble and any act of vandalism in common areas
- To discourage littering
Timeline: Immediate

The Management should with immediate effect take control and enforce strict rulings on the following :
- Household pets that are found wandering in common areas
- Littering
- Garbage disposals at common areas (including throwing of rubbish from balconies/wash areas) and bulky garbage left at car park lots
- Drying of garments/mattresses at windows at lanai area
- Using of the swimming pool – proper attire a must and no food or drinks allowed at pool deck or inside pool
- Smoking in lifts

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