Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Short Notice to Contractors

Most of the contractors in Desa Putra suffered "shock" after they were notified for not renewing their service from 1st August, 2008. Burgess Rawson Management Company is the party to manage this transitional period of changes, last few days we saw Mr. Nah accompanied by staff and potential contractors has been walking around in DP to do inspection, surveying and checking.

During last meeting, BR presented quotation from various contractors, every category of work has 3-4 quotations to allow JMC to select.

In last few days, we were talking to some of the residents, most of them are awaiting the changes, some even felt that it is too slow. They mentioned since the formation of JMC till now,
1) Lobby floor tiles, wall, ceiling, staircase, swimming pool deck, etc etc are as DIRTY as before
2) Improper attire (T-Shirt) in swimming pools are as usual, even when the security guard was patrolling, they pretend know nothing and walked pass by without doing anythings
3) Unauthorised parking elsewhere still the same, and even some owner's car was clamped in their own parking lot (can you imagine the standard of our contractor). You will see visitor's parking bay were mostly "full" every night till morning(current security guard seem unable to handle it).
4) Contractor's and delivery lorry always be treated like "King" that they can park their lorry in front of lobby many hours which suppose to be a drop off area.
5) Some JMC member and residents were tired of asking security guard to remove improper attired residents from swimming pool(almost daily), ask the security guards to instruct lorry driver to remove lorry to be park in visitor's parking bay or outside (almost daily). They asked "Why these simple tasks cannot be done properly?" Why we(residents/owners) need to do all these things, aren't the security guards are paid to do all these works? Why they needed to be teach all the times? There are many many frustrations, disappointments, "fade up" etc etc. These has been for past 6-8 months.

Residents/Owners hope that
1) Cleaning will be done properly especially the lobby area, rubbish are removed properly without affecting the daily life of residents
2) No more T Shirt(improper attire) swimmer in swimming pool, real low level of vandalism (security guard act immediately when they see any acts in CCTV).
3) No more unauthorised parking here. No more abused usage of visitor's car park. No more "little napoleon" can enter the premises without access card/proper registration.
4) No more children playing, shouting and kicking in basketball court after 10pm
5) No more adults still talking loudly in garden after 12pm, especially some foreigners must be notify about Law in Malaysia. Gathering of more than 5 persons in open area/public after 12pm is considered illegal assembly.

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