Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Landscaping Contractor

The Landscaping Contractor's contract expired by 5th May, 2008 (according to Mr. Yunus). However, the management company unable to hire or renew the contract in time, therefore many plants are dying. The management also never reported to JMC with regards to the expiry of contractor.
For past 2 days, JMC has instructed Mr. Yunus to make necessary arrangement to do watering on the dying plants, however, until now he failed to do s0.

What is your rating on Mr. Yunus's performance and ability? 1-10
(10 is excellent, 1 is poor)
What is your rating on Landserve as our Property Manager? 1-10
(10 is excellent, 1 is poor)


halfnutz said...

If you were ask me to rate,

Mr Yunus: 5 out of 10
Landserve: 4 out of 10

I can see that they doesn't seem to be bother much about what is happening around the condo facilities. Basketball rim had been pulled down ages ago (2-3 months back) and till now they are still giving silly excuses saying that they are going to buy.

Security is a major concern. Guards are suppose to do rounding around the condo facilities at some certain time but instead what they did was to speed to the point where they need to log down and speed to another point on their bike. If that's the case, what's the point of having them to log it down and going around to do rounding?

Security access had been disabled for the past 1 month and till nwo they still can't give a good answer on when it will be up again. Are we waiting for another break in case only we'll start acting on it?

I'm just wondering what are those guys doing sitting in the management office everyday? Goyang kaki and wait for 5pm? Extremely dissapointed with the way the condo facilites are managed.

Desa Putra said...

i will be give even better rating to Mr Yunus which is -1. Why? Halfnutz have mentioned points that need to be taken action as soon as possible.