Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Landserve Billing Statement WRONG AGAIN?????

Stephen Lim, Desa Putra JMC Chairperson has met up with Landserve's Arif together with developer's Yip to notify and discuss on the issue of wrong billing.
This is the second time that the billing statement is wrong, it made all owners very doubtful about the management's ability to manage the condo properly.
JMC has been working very hard try to improve the situation in Desa Putra, however, it seem that there were little improvement.
JMC has been urging management company, developer and residents to co-operate to make sure that Desa Putra standard of living will be improved.

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halfnutz said...

guys at the JMC,

I'll like to say "Thank You" for all those things that you guys had done.

All these works are on 'voluntary' basis and those in the JMC and those helping out should really be applauded. Those in the management should really be ashame of themselves as they can't even perform better than someone who's not getting paid to do their work.

*thumbs up to the JMC